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My name is Cindy Markovcy, I'm the Chief Doll Maker and designer at Homespun from the Heart. 

I am a mom and entrepreneur working out of my home studio doing what I love most.  My kitchen counters always have tea stain on them and there is usually a pile of doll bodies to be finished; I am working at least 2 seasons ahead and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 


My designs have been published in Create & Decorate magazine, featured in various online e-zines and publications; I have a pattern line of 150 and growing! The patterns you see have been created since 2004 and I add new ones each year.  You can find Homespun from the Heart dolls on Etsy, this website, at juried craft shows and in stores.  Being a small business owner gives me the freedom and flexibility to adapt to new venues easily! Thanks for reading a little bit about our story.

My Story

I began sewing in the Girl Scouts as a young girl, just so I could earn my sewing badge. I remember my first work was a lumpy felt pillow shaped like an elephant which I think my mom still has! My first sewing machine was given to me by my parents many years later and I started experimenting and making home items like pillows and tree skirts.


A few people saw my work and asked to buy it; soon after that, I was making work to sell and doing craft shows as a hobby while working full-time in the Corporate World. During that time, I was online and saw the beautiful primitive dolls going for auction. I fell in love with dolls all over again and knew I needed to make some (after all, I still love to play with them!). In April of 2004 and with lots of encouragement from my husband, I decided to start my own website and Homespun from the Heart was born. 


Thank you for shopping and supporting my small business! If you have any questions, please contact me.

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