Homespun from the Heart - Product Index
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Bunny Doll Pattern HFTH191
Bunny Doll Pattern with Carrot Nose HFTH198
Bunny Doll Pattern with Carrots and Eggs HFTH183
Christmas Gingerbread Tree Topper Pattern HFTH133
Christmas Snowman Ornament Pattern HFTH131
Cindy Sue Primitive Cloth Doll and Needlepunch Pattern HFTH206
Clay Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Mouse
Country Shabby Pin Cushion Pattern HFTH146
Doll Hair
Easter Spring Ornaments Bowl Fillers Pattern HFTH192
Ewe-la Mae sheep gatherer Primitive Cloth Doll and Needlepunch Pattern HFTH207
Favorite Things Christmas Decor Pattern HFTH105
Green and Red Batik Tree Christmas Doll
Harvest Time Blessings - Native Americans
Harvest Time Blessings - Primitive Pilgrims Doll Set
Lady Bug and Bee Ornament Pattern HFTH176
Nativity Celebration Sewing Pattern HFTH190
Pilgrim Make-Do Doll on Bobbin
Pink Ribbon Chenille Owl Set Pattern HFTH210
Pink Ribbon Doll and Owl Set Pattern HFTH211
Pink Ribbon Raggedy Doll Pattern HFTH163
Primitive Americana Box Decor Pattern HFTH224
Primitive Americana Decor Liberty Angel Doll pattern HFTH167
Primitive Americana Pattern Home Decor Dress HFTH116
Primitive Americana Pattern Land that I Love Sam and Liberty HFTH112
Primitive Americana Pattern Liberty Tree HFTH114
Primitive Americana Pattern Sam and Liberty Nodders HFTH115
Primitive Americana Pattern Yankee Doodle Andy HFTH113
Primitive Americana Tree Topper Cloth Doll Pattern HFTH153
Primitive Bunny Rabbit Pattern Blossom and Ben HFTH218
Primitive Bunny Tree Topper and Nodders Pattern HFTH161
Primitive Candy Corn Pattern with Free Bonus pattern HFTH124
Primitive Cat Tree Topper and Ornaments Pattern HFTH186
Primitive Christmas Pattern Cookies and Snowballs HFTH125 126
Primitive Christmas Santa Cat Pattern HFTH119
Primitive Christmas Santa Dolls Pattern HFTH134
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Angel Wings HFTH145
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Black Hat Society Witch HFTH154
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Boo Kitty Cat HFTH120
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern butterfly Wishes HFTH148
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Esmerelda Witch HFTH123
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Granny Annie and her Mammy Large Doll HFTH102
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Harvest Ann HFTH193
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern How Many Frogs HFTH139
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Sabrina's Good Fortune Witch HFTH195
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Sally Mae and Pumpkin HFTH121
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Sara and Sunflower HFTH128
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Scarecrow Cooper HFTH140
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Scarecrow Thomas HFTH122
Primitive Cloth Doll Pattern Shabby Raggedy Girl HFTH150
Primitive Cloth doll pattern Sunny doll with sunflowers HFTH208
Primitive Country Snowmen Pattern HFTH159
Primitive Dog Tree Topper and Ornaments Pattern HFTH187
Primitive Doll Pattern Bunny Doll Clementine HFTH110
Primitive Doll Pattern Bunny Tree Topper with Carrot HFTH109
Primitive Doll Pattern Candy Cane Ann HFTH118
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Cat and Mouse HFTH203
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Elfin' Around HFTH189
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Raggedy Ornaments HFTH149
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Raggedy Sad Face HFTH172
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Raggedy with Cat HFTH185
Primitive Doll Pattern Christmas Raggedy with Mouse HFTH171
Primitive Doll Pattern Mother's Love HFTH173
Primitive Doll Pattern Raggedy with Gingerbread HFTH170
Primitive Doll Pattern Santa Cloth Doll HFTH197
Primitive Doll Pattern Santa Raggedy HFTH177
Primitive Doll Pattern Snow Angel HFTH135
Primitive Doll Pattern Valentine Ornament HFTH136
Primitive Doll Pattern Vintage Christmas HFTH132
Primitive Doll Pattern Witch in a Boot HFTH130
Primitive Easter Box Decor Pattern HFTH223
Primitive Easter Bunny Tree Topper and Ornaments Pattern HFTH182
Primitive Halloween Cat and Frank Cloth Doll pattern HFTH155
Primitive Halloween Cat Pattern HFTH141
Primitive Halloween Decor Pattern HFTH144
Primitive Halloween Decor Set - Witch, Mummy, Cat, Frank in a Lathe Box
Primitive Halloween Doll Pattern Bat Raggedy Doll HFTH137
Primitive Halloween pattern Witch Dress with Mouse HFTH166
Primitive Halloween Raggedy Mummy Pattern HFTH142
Primitive Halloween Round Head Cat and Mouse Pattern, HFTH184
Primitive Halloween Witch Legs in a Pumpkin Reject HFTH165
Primitive Mouse in Wool Pockets Pattern HFTH174
Primitive Mouse on Sunflower Pattern HFTH164
Primitive Pattern Hagatha the Witch Doll HFTH104
Primitive Pattern Santa Doll HFTH106
Primitive Pattern Tiptoe Through the Tulips Doll HFTH117
Primitive Raggedy Ann and Andy doll Pattern with Cats and Dogs HFTH188
Primitive raggedy Cloth Valentine Doll Pattern HFTH147
Primitive Raggedy Doll Halloween Pattern, HFTH180
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern American Pride HFTH200
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Clara Ann HFTH127
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Lady Bug HFTH175
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Little Sweeties HFTH222
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Mermaid Tails Doll HFTH221
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Sewing Room Doll HFTH215
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Simply Ann HFTH108
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Snowflake Wishes HFTH157
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Spring Chicks HFTH199
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Tea Time Turtle Doll HFTH220
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern Unicorn Wishes Doll HFTH219
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern with Cupcake HFTH160
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern with Daisy HFTH158
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern with Elephant HFTH181
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern with Lollipop HFTH169
Primitive Raggedy Doll Pattern with Owl HFTH194
Primitive Raggedy Doll Thanksgiving Pattern, HFTH196
Primitive Raggedy Doll with Kitty Cat Pattern HFTH162
Primitive Raggedy Nurse Doll Pattern HFTH179
Primitive Raggedy the Good Witch Doll pattern, HFTH168
Primitive Raggedy Witch Doll Set pattern, HFTH178
Primitive Round Heads Nodder Pattern HFTH143
Primitive Witch Doll Pattern Bag of Tricks HFTH138
Primitive Witch Shoe Set with Spell bottle
Primitive Witch Shoes Pattern HFTH129
Raggedy Christmas Andy
Raggedy Christmas Pink and Red Cupie Doll dress
Raggedy Cloth Doll Making Guide Tutorial HFTH156
Raggedy Cloth Doll Quilter Pattern HFTH202
Raggedy Cloth Doll Woodlands Pattern HFTH204
Raggedy Doll Pattern with Bunny HFTH205
Raggedy Doll with Owl Pattern HFTH201
Raggedy Primitive Cloth Doll and Needlepunch Pattern HFTH209
Santa I can Explain!
The Tea Towels 1 Pattern HFTH103
The Tea Towels 2 Pattern HFTH151
The Tea Towels 3 Pattern HFTH152
Trixie Mouse
Wool Felt Ghost
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